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Collective Security Experts, Inc.

About Us

Collective Security Experts, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of personal and executive protection services in the United States and overseas. We provide armed escort services for travelers, both with an experienced individual driver as well as multi-vehicle motorcades. We can provide vehicles or utilize those of the client. We offer planning on the most secure routes, as well as scouting locations for the safest arrival, stay, and departure.

We have experience providing these services throughout the United States and overseas. We have participated in security details at some of the highest profile public events  in the United States. We have extensive experience working with families, with a particular focus on devising and providing protection for children. CSE provides the personnel for complete 24-hour protection for residential and commercial properties. We offer K9 services for both deterrent and protection.

Our approach is molded to accommodate each need of our clients. Whatever the threat level or unforeseen circumstances, our proactive response and fluid consistency are aimed at bringing each event to a safe and successful conclusion. Our mission is to relieve you of any potential threat or unforeseen circumstances and ensure safety for you, your family, your business and your property.

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