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Michael J. Blake

Mike Blake has 35 years of experience in the security industry, both domestically and internationally, encompassing a wide range of experiences. He has personally provided armed executive protection services for numerous business leaders, celebrities, jewelry couriers, and more, and has also led large protection teams. He has extensive training and experience as a K9 handler, both for deterrence, protection, and screening for contraband and explosives. He has devised and executed security plans for high-value residences, and high-risk commercial locations.

Internationally, Mike has served as a Base Defense Operations Command Officer at NATO Base KIA Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan, a K9 Handler at Joint Operations Base at Ballad, Iraq, and a security team leader in various locations in what is now the Republic of Kosovo.

Mike has devised programs and provided security for executives, entire families, and children, both in the United States and abroad. He has received U.S. Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance.

Mike holds all necessary licenses and has extensive training, including:

  • Private Patrol Operator (CA License PPO121118)
  • Guard Registration (CA Reg. G1425909)
  • Concealed firearm permits in California, Arizona and Utah
  • California Permit For Exposed Firearm.
  • California’s Chemical Aerosol Projector Training
  • Certificate in Chemical Agents Pepper Spray training from the Orange County, CA Sherriff– Coroner Department.
  • California Baton and Expandable Baton S&K #108 Certifications
  • Police Dog 240-hour Basic Handler Course, Certification, Adlerhorst International Inc.
  • 16- hour Agitator Seminar, Adlerhorst International Inc.
  • K9 Explosive Detection Certification, Adlerhorst International Inc.
  • PC 832, Modules B for Laws of Arrest
  • PC 832 Module A Laws of Arrest
  • PC832 Module B Firearms
  • OC Sherriff – Coroner Department Certificate of Completion. Firearms Training.
  • OC Sherriff – Coroner Department Certificate of Completion. Arrest and communications
  • Certificate of Completion AC Level 1 Awareness Training. Department of Defense.
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