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Our teams provide the ultimate service for our clients. Providing a multitude of protective services is what we produce. We strive to insure your needs are complete and fulfilled with the highest integrity.

Executive security and transporting you to your destination safely and effectively is why are executive protection teams operate with the highest professionalism. Estate Security services provided with the highest level of protection. Your estate and family are what we utilize years of experience, and we keep you safe with attention to detail continuously evolving. Special events, where you chose, we are well versed and enjoy providing the ultimate experience for you. Collective Security Experts, Inc. provides a level of service for a variety of events. It is our pleasure to provide to you a comprehensive security service for your request.

We provide K9 services. Guard and Bark. Patrol Dogs. Detection Dogs. All of our K9 teams are seasoned and our K9 Handlers are experienced with years of service. Our teams are safe, clean and effective. We are able to provide services in private or public. We are able to select a team suited for your need. 

Executive Transportation

Armed drivers, vehicle escorts, route planning and pre-visit risk assessment ensure smooth and safe travel.

Estate Protection

Round-the-clock coverage from experienced armed guards provide unmatched protection for family and homes.

Special Event Security

Our team has extensive experience in providing protection at large public events, including location scouting, transportation, and security during the event that can be seen as a deterrent, or discreet as the situation requires.

Commercial Site Protection

We have provided protection from robberies for high-end retailers, as well as protection from espionage, theft and vandalism of commercial properties.

Executive Protection

We can provide risk assessment and security for corporate executives facing threats on both a long-term and short-term basis. 

Collective Security Experts, Inc.
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